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Marsk Billesvej 15, Broby (Danemark) Consulter le lieu sur Google Maps

Brobyvaerk Kro has 19 cosy rooms all of which with bath- toilet- TV and wireless Internet and which can also be used by disabled persons. A weekend stay in Brobyvaerk Kro is pure relaxation. Here is neither music nor dancing but lots of peace and plenty of nature experiences and bird song right outside the door. There is a possibility of golfing- riding- yachting and angling. You can also visit some of the many castles and manors on Funen. The inn offers golf holidays and weekend stays and has room for parties of up to 100 persons. Brobyvaerk Kro is situated where the old highway crosses the river Odense Aa approximately halfway between Odense- Faaborg and Assens. In 1732 the inn was royally licensed. The inn has a several centuries-old tradition for providing food and a good bed for its guests. Naturally it has been renovated over the years so that today it has all the facilities needed by modern travellers. The spirit and the cosiness still prevail and the cuisine has a good reputation. The good inn food is accompanied by a large selection of delicious wines from the extensive wine cellar of the inn and by beer from the local brewery. Odense Aa still turns and twists in the back garden of the inn where the sheep are pasturing. You can enjoy it all from the outdoor terrace of the inn where the staff naturally serves both food and drinks. You quickly feel at home in the inn which is owned by Ib and Anne Lise Joergensen. However they seldom use their surnames because they prefer to be on familiar terms with their guests.

Lac de Gérardmer :
photo de domispinella

Le Lac de Gérardmer

Le Lac de Gérardmer est le plus grand lac naturel des Vosges. Il est situé à 660m d'altitude. Surface : 115ha, longueur maximale 2200m, largeur maximale : 750m,...

Le Pont Saint Etienne à Limoges :
photo de Jean Louis Capdeville


En flânant dans les rues des quartiers historiques, vous découvrez des monuments et des sites plus modestes, mais toujours pleins de charme. Parmi les lieux...

Plage de Mimizan :
photo de Javier Saiz Barrio

Mimizan et la fôret des Landes

La forêt : terre d’histoires et histoire d’une terre.

Bienvenue dans la forêt des Landes de Gascogne, la plus grande forêt cultivée...